Essential oils spray recipe

What do you mix with essential oils to make a spray?

To make a spray, mix your essential oils with purified or distilled water, which you can buy in the grocery store. The strength of the mixture is totally up to you. Depending on the size of your bottle, play with the number of drops of each essential oil and how much water you add. For a stronger scent, mix 2 oz.

How do you make antiviral spray with essential oils?

Here’s the essential oil disinfecting spray recipe one more time

  1. fill a 16 oz glass spray bottle most of the way full with alcohol that is 140 proof or greater (70%+ alcohol) such as Everclear or rubbing alcohol.
  2. add 1/2 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide.
  3. add the following essential oils. …
  4. put on spray top and shake to mix well.

How do you make sleep spray with essential oils?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Use your funnel to pour vodka into your bottle. The amount of vodka depends on the bottle’s size. …
  2. Add the drops of essential oils, one by one.
  3. Pour in just enough distilled water to almost reach the top of the bottle. …
  4. Screw on the mister top, and shake up your spray.

Can you mix essential oils with water?

These oils (also known as fixed, fatty or carrier oils) work well to safely dilute and ‘carry’ essential oils. However, once added to the bath, and because oil and water don’t mix, the carrier/essential oil will not disperse throughout the water.

How do I make a natural room spray?


  1. Pour 25 to 30 drops of essential oil in your bottle.
  2. Fill the bottle halfway with witch hazel. …
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. …
  4. Shake bottle to combine all the ingredients.
  5. Insert a sprig of dried flowers and herbs to finish off your fragrant spray.
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Do essential oils really disinfect?

That’s why most green cleaning recipes also call for essential oils. … These concentrated liquids can do more than just make your cleaning products smell fabulous. They can disinfect, purify and even remove stains — all without any toxic chemicals in the mix. Essential oils are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

How do you make homemade antibacterial spray?

How to Make DIY Antibacterial Surface Spray

  1. ¼ cup 70% or higher isopropyl alcohol.
  2. ¼ cup white vinegar.
  3. ¼ distilled water.
  4. 20 drops thieves oil or another disinfecting essential oil.

Does vinegar kill flu virus?

Vinegar is a natural product that is shown to kill cold and flu germs. It is 5 percent acetic acid, and the acid is what kills bacteria and viruses. Mix hot water and vinegar for the best results.

How do you make homemade lavender spray?


  1. 2 cup distilled water.
  2. 2 tablespoons vodka or rubbing alcohol.
  3. 15-20 drops lavender essential oil.
  4. Fresh dried lavender to place bedside or within the spray bottle.

Which Oil Helps You Sleep?

LAVENDER. This is the most popular essential oil for sleep and relaxation among my patients, and my first, general go-to recommendation for people looking to try aromatherapy for sleep. Lavender is a soothing scent that’s long been associated with relaxation and sleep, and used as a natural remedy for anxiety.

What is the best essential oil to help you sleep?

10 Sleep-Inducing Essential Oils

  • Lavender Oil. Lavender is known for its relaxing effects. …
  • Chamomile Oil. Chamomile alleviates insomnia by reducing anxiety and tackling depression. …
  • Sweet Marjoram Oil. …
  • Bergamot Oil. …
  • Clary Sage Oil. …
  • Valerian Oil. …
  • Sandalwood Oil. …
  • Ylang Ylang Oil.
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How do you mix essential oils with carrier oils?

For adults:

  1. 2.5 percent dilution: 15 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil.
  2. 3 percent dilution: 20 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil.
  3. 5 percent dilution: 30 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil.
  4. 10 percent dilution: 60 drops essential oil per 6 teaspoons carrier oil.

What is the best carrier oil to mix with essential oils?

Coconut Oil

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