Harvest moon tree of tranquility recipe

How do you beat the first rainbow in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?


  1. Daren is the green sprite, under the tree by the clock tower in the town square. …
  2. You also need a Carp. …
  3. Have all items in your inventory and talk to the sprite again and it will work. …
  4. The first rainbow sprite is the green flower under the tree in Waffle Town Square.

How do you make good herb fish in Tree of Tranquility?


  1. Any herb will work and in order to get the herb fish to be “good” you need to combine 4 fish with the herb, try to pick fish that are worth a little more then more common ones. …
  2. Good Herb Fish needs to be cooked. …
  3. All you have to do is get a fish with high price.

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Marriage. Like most Harvest Moon games, the player can get married. There are a total of 8 bachelors and bachelorettes the main character may marry, however some of them have rivals that they may marry instead.

How do you increase your stamina in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Holding the Power Berry found on the 30th floor of Ganache Mine. Power Berries are special items that permanently increase your maximum stamina. In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, each Power Berry increases your maximum stamina by 100 points.

Where is Ben’s badge Tree of Tranquility?

After you open Collins Rainbow on West Gull Island you go to East Gull Island and find Ben’s Badge on the beach.

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Where is Edge’s rainbow?

Edge’s Rainbow

His tree and flower are located at the top of Mt. Gelato. Completing this rainbow unlocks the Goddess Tree.

How do you get married in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?


  1. To marry, the bare minimum is six hearts. …
  2. There are only two requirements to propose and get married. …
  3. You need to get any one person (boy or girl) to 8 hearts to get the blue feather, and Hamilton will come to your house to explain the legend. …
  4. hmmmm…….. …
  5. 1) Own a double bed.

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