Heavy mageweave bandage recipe

How do you make a heavy mageweave bandage?

Do that quest. Receive your First Aid Artisan(300). At First Aid(240), go talk to him again he will teach you Heavy Mageweave Bandage. At First Aid(260), go talk to him again he will teach you Runecloth Bandage.

Where do I learn heavy mageweave bandage alliance?

Requires skill level 240 to learn. Will be taught for free by Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Theramore Isle (alliance) and Doctor Gregory Victor in Hammerfall (horde).

Where can I train mageweave bandage?

Go to Hammerfall and talk to the Sergeon. He teaches you it for free at 240.

How do I learn mageweave bandage?

You just havaeaa to do a quest to get them which i think it is at around 230 you go to a guy in Hammerfall and he gives you a quest which after completion you learn a new level of First Aid and can make heavy mageweave and some higher ones.

Where do I get heavy runecloth bandage?

You go to Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in the Foothold Citadel in Theramore to get this trained at skill level 290 for alliance.

Where do I get runecloth bandage?

Runecloth bandage can be learned in hammerfall (arathi highlands) at a guy named Doctor Gregory Victor. You need to be 260 in first aid skill to get it.

Where do I get first aid past 225?

You must have your First Aid skill at 225. Go to Ironforge. Find the First Aid Trainer Nissa; she is in a shop right across from the gryphon landing in the great forge area. Get the quest from her to go to Theramore and visit Dr Gustov.

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