Nuka cola quantum recipe

Who should I give the Nuka Cola Quantum to?

Encounter Ronald Laren and listen to his offer to bring him the Nuka-Cola Quantum. … Sell 30 Nuka-cola Quantum to Sierra. Sell 30 Nuka-cola Quantum to Ronald. Reward: 40 caps per bottle and Schematics – Nuka grenade.

What is Nuka Cola Quantum made of?

The designation of the strontium sample, Q4N7-UM, resulted in the isotope being named Quantum by its creator, Rex Meacham. The isotope was processed into an additive safe for human consumption by another beverageer, Ruth Leavitt.

What flavor is Nuka Cola Quantum?


Is Nuka Cola radioactive?

All Nuka Cola was produced radioactive, Quantum simply has an additional isotope that was used for the unique blue glow. The government don’t care about their cititicens at all as long as they get enough money from the big coorp.

What happens if you kill all the raiders in Nuka world?

When the player has the quest Open Season active, they will also get the miscellaneous objective to reactivate the power to the Nuka-World. … Killing unnamed raiders throughout the park will not turn all raiders hostile, so long as the player character remains “hidden” and the act is not witnessed.

Why is Nuka Cola Quantum Blue?

Nuka-Cola, of course, is best known for its caps, which serve as a currency in the Fallout series, but Nuka-Cola Quantum is a rare, addictive variety of the drink that gets its fluorescent blue glow from a small amount of radioactive strontium.

What does Nuka Cola taste like?

Ingredients. The original bottle. The unique taste of Nuka-Cola is the result of a combination of seventeen fruit essences, balanced to enhance the classic cola flavor.

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How many Nuka Colas are in Fallout 4?

9 standard

What is not a Nuka Cola flavor?

Raiders will ask you various questions about Fallout lore and other interesting facts to test your knowledge.

All Answers for the Game Show Gauntlet in Fallout Shelter.QuestionAnswerWhich of these is not a flavor of Nuka-Cola?Nuka FreshЕщё 43 строки

Is Coke a Nuka Cola?

The name Nuka-Cola is a parody of Coca Cola, so Black Isle and later Bethesda can legally put it in their games. … The name Nuka-Cola is a parody of Coca Cola, so Black Isle and later Bethesda can legally put it in their games.

Does Coca Cola exist in Fallout?

It isn’t. It’s a Nuka-World loading screen. Coca-Cola was invented before the Fallout universe’s timeline diverged from the real world’s timeline. So yeah, it would’ve existed, but was eventually put out of business or something like that by NukaCola.

How do you make Nuka nukes?

Nuka-Nukes can be created at a chemistry station by combining a mini nuke and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.

What was the name of the Super Mutant Behemoth hiding in the Boston Common pond?

Swan, born Edgar Swann, is a unique super mutant behemoth living in Swan’s Pond, the center of the Boston Common in 2287.

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