Pocket mortys recipe list

What can you craft in Rick and Morty?

All Crafting Recipes in Pocket Mortys#Item NameRecipe2Morty Manipulator ChipSupercharged Battery Circuit Board Tin Can3SerumBattery Fleeb4Great SerumBattery Purified Fleeb5Sensational SerumSupercharged Battery SerumЕщё 30 строк

How do you make a supercharged battery in pocket Morty?

Stop at a crafting station and add a battery with turbulent juice, and now you have a super charge battery! Super charge battery comes in handy when making a lot of different things one of which is a Morty manipulator chip.

How do you make a Morty manipulator chip?

UPDATE: Morty Manipulator Chips will eventually appear in Salesman Rick’s Shop for $500 Schmeckles once you win 3 badges. UPDATE #2: You can craft Morty Manipulator Chips using the recipes below. You can see more crafting recipes here. To craft a Morty Manipulator Chip you need a Supercharged Battery.

What robot Rick needs?

Once the Supercharged Battery is crafted, give it to Robot Rick and he will give you a Level Up Mega Seed. During the second Robot Rick side quest he will need a new Motherboard after your Supercharged Battery destroys his original. You can craft a Motherboard using spare junk and the recipe listed here.

What is the best rarity in pocket Mortys?

List of All Mortys in Pocket Mortys#NameRarity1MortyExotic2Scruffy MortyCommon3Unkempt MortyRare4Hobo MortyEpicЕщё 12 строк

What does the IQ enhancing helmet do?

It was introduced by Rick when he was asked to make Snuffles smarter. The IQ increase is proportional to the amount of voltage in it, controled by the number of batteries. Five of these can make dogs smarter than humans.

What does the Microverse battery do in Pocket Mortys?

Feeling Rickcharged

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The Microverse Battery is one of two items you can use to recharge the Robot Rick near the crafting station at the Citadel closest to the Shop. You can either give him a Supercharged Battery or a Microverse Battery. Once you have recharged the Robot Rick, you will receive Level Up Mega Seed.6 мая 2017 г.

What Mortys can you combine?

Tips #3: If you do decide to combine Mortys you will need to collect 3 of each type of Morty to be a completionist.

  • 2 Unkempt Mortys (#3) = 1 Hobo Morty (#4)
  • 2 Old Mortys (#5) = 1 Geriatric Morty (#6)
  • 2 Rabbit Mortys (#8) = 1 Evil Rabit Morty (#9)
  • 2 Test X1 Mortys (#14) = 1 Test X72 Morty (#15)

How do you get blips and Chitz coupons?

You have the option of spending real money to buy Blips and Chitz coupons, which you use at a Blips and Chitz vending machine to get random items and a random Morty. You get coupons by defeating council members and sometimes as a drop, so spending money isn’t necessary.

How do you evolve Mortys?

Evolution: To evolve a Morty, you need two Mortys of the same kind and then “combine” them together at the Day Care Center in the central hub. As you might suspect, fully evolved Mortys have better leveling curves and better overall stats.

What do you give for Flargo?

After winning 20 badges Flargo will ask you to help him escape his clone by manipulating time. You need to craft and give him a Time Crystal to receive his reward.

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