Red dead redemption 2 dynamite arrow recipe

How do you make a dynamite arrow in Red Dead Redemption?

Where to find Dynamite Arrow Pamphlet

  1. Can be obtained in a lock box tucked under a small wooden bridge to the South of the Wapiti Indian Reservation. There will be a ruined building nearby.
  2. Can be purchased from Fences after players have completed “A Short Walk in a Pretty Town”

How do I get dynamite in Red Dead Redemption?


  1. The player can purchase dynamite from gunsmiths after completing the mission “Mexican Caesar”.
  2. The player can also pick it up from a crate in the mission “Father Abraham”.
  3. The player can also pick up dynamite at the Nosalida gang hideout.

Can you throw dynamite in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Answers. Ignition with aim (LT on XBone) and throw with fire (RT) or JUST fire (RT) without aim (LT) to place it WITHOUT lighting it.

Where is the poison arrow pamphlet rdr2?

To get the poison arrows pamphlet recipe in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll have to purchase it. Our recommendation is to go to Fence, who has basically anything you can imagine in his inventory. Fence is the vendor in the south of Emerald Ranch, southwest of Emerald Station.

How do you get dynamite arrows?

Dynamite can be bought from Fences. Arrows can be either bought, made, or if you’ve upgraded the main camp enough there should be a steady supply at the ammo tent. Collect the materials, craft them all together, and get ready for mayhem.

Is there a better bow in rdr2?

But the Longarm Back Bow is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, whether it’s used for hunting animals or causing absolute chaos against multiple enemies. Unlike most weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can’t upgrade the bow, but you can upgrade your arrows, which really takes it to the next level.

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Where do I get dynamite to free Micah?

  • Start this mission by heading to Strawberry and going into the jail there. …
  • When you leave the jail, go around back to the left side and talk to Micah through the bars there. …
  • After talking to him, you can use dynamite or the hook and chain mechanism to break him free. …

How do you rob a bank in Red Dead 2?

Banks are found in most major settlements on the map and they make for one of the most lucrative targets for a robbery that players can find. To rob a bank, players will need to threaten the teller and get them to open the bank vault. Once inside, players will need to figure out how to open the safe.

How do you get dynamite in Undead Nightmare?

Dynamite: To obtain two sticks of Dynamite, one way is to head to a town and save it from the zombie hordes. Try Gaptooth Breach and Agave Viejo. When you’ve successfully rid each area of zombies, you’ll receive a stick of Dynamite. You can also rarely get Dynamite from killing zombies.

Can you ice fish in rdr2?

No Ice Fishing

Red Dead Redemption 2 has snowy, cold locations with frozen lakes and ponds, and one of the Legendary fish is located in a lake that is partially frozen over. However, there doesn’t appear to be any true ice fishing where you drill through the ice and drop a line in.

Who is Edith Downes rdr2?

Edith is the wife of Thomas Downes and the mother of Archie Downes.

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