Baba ganoush recipe without tahini

Is Baba Ganoush healthy?

This baba ganoush recipe is super easy to make. It is a tiny bit time consuming, but only because you have to roast and cool the eggplants. … But don’t worry, this dip recipe is 100% healthy. In fact, a 1/3 cup serving of baba ganoush has only 85 calories!

How do you make Baba Ganoush from scratch?


  1. 2 medium eggplants (about 3 lbs. total), roasted.
  2. 1/3 cup tahini from light seeds, not “dark tahini”
  3. 3 cloves garlic roasted (or 1 raw, crushed)
  4. 2 whole fresh lemons, juiced or more to taste.
  5. 1/2 tsp cumin.
  6. 1/2 tsp salt or more to taste.
  7. Pinch cayenne pepper.
  8. Extra virgin olive oil.

What goes well with Baba Ganoush?

Toasted pita wedges or pita chips are great, too. For a full Mediterranean spread, serve this baba ganoush with herbed hummus or tahini sauce and fresh salads. I recommend carrot, chickpea and dill salad, Lebanese lemon-parsley bean salad, my favorite quinoa salad, or Maureen’s avocado tabbouleh.

What does Baba Ganoush taste like?

One main difference between baba ganoush and hummus is baba ganoush’s main ingredient, which is eggplant. In hummus, chickpeas are the primary ingredient. Although the difference seems simple, it makes a huge difference in the taste. Baba ganoush has an earthy taste while hummus has a more nutty tone.

Is Tahini a Superfood?

Tahini is the superfood everyone should be raving about. It’s tastier and more versatile than kale, and it’s just as healthy.

Is tahini bad for weight loss?

– It’s easy for your body to digest because of its high alkaline mineral content, which is great for assisting in weight loss. – The phytoestrogens present in tahini, are extremely beneficial in managing hormones in women. – Packed with plethora of minerals, tahini can help improve and strengthen your immune system.

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Why do they say Baba Ganoush in wedding crashers?

“Baba Ganoush” returned to the airways when Dennis Mille, doing Weekend Update on SNL, began referring to the audience as “Baba Ganoush”. Miller’s noted for his obscure cultural references. It was used in “Wedding Crashers” just because it sounded good.

What can I use instead of tahini?

If you feel adventurous, try replacing the tahini with an equal amount of peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, Greek yogurt, chopped roasted peppers, pitted olives, roasted beets, steamed sweet potato, avocado, or thawed frozen peas, to name just a few possibilities.

What does tahini taste like?

Tahini, also called “tahina” in some countries, may look a little like peanut butter, but it doesn’t taste like it. Tahini isn’t sweet like most nut butters, and the nutty flavor is strong and earthy, and can be a little bitter.

How long will Baba Ganoush keep in the fridge?

one week

Should Baba Ganoush be served cold?

Baba Ghanoush is delicious. Made with eggplant that’s been fire roasted (either on a hot grill or under a broiler) to the point of shriveling, it can be served as a side dish. Typically, though, it’s a cold or room temperature spread, served with pita bread or crostini or crusty French bread…or a spoon.

Does Baba Ganoush go bad?

Leftover baba ganoush can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. I prefer the flavor of baba ganoush while it is still warm from the grill, but it’s also delicious served chilled or at room temperature.

What’s healthier hummus or Baba Ganoush?

Baba ganoush is similar to hummus, but made with eggplant. … Eggplant is high in vitamin C, which supports your immune system and also contains anthocyanins which support heart health. Eggplant is also slightly lower in calories than chickpeas. Baba ganoush contains around 72 fewer calories per cup than hummus.

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Is Baba Ganoush high in calories?

Both hummus and baba ganoush are high in fiber, low in calories, and rich in Omega-3s. Both offer a range of healthy minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

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