Louisiana rub wingstop recipe

What is the Louisiana Rub at Wingstop?

Louisiana Rub is a crispy dry rub with a hint of garlic, plus some Deep South Cajun love. With this combo, you’ve got a wing that’s simply addictive.

Which Wingstop flavors are dry rub?

The Wing Experts menu features bone-in and boneless wings with 11 bold, distinctive flavors including Original Hot, Cajun, Atomic, Mild, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked BBQ, Louisiana Rub and Mango Habanero.

Whats the best flavor at Wingstop?

What Are The Top Wingstop Flavors & Sauces?

  • Hawaiian. Hawaiian is the sweetest flavor on their menu. …
  • Garlic Parmesan. This is a dry rub (not a sauce) from Wing-stop and I must say, it’s worth ruining your breath over. …
  • Lemon Pepper. …
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ. …
  • Mild. …
  • Louisiana Rub. …
  • Original Hot. …
  • Cajun.

What is Cajun sauce made of?

It’s a rustic seasoning blend that hails from Louisiana, the home of delicious Cajun cuisine. Everyone tends to have their own spin on it, but in general, it’s a spicy blend featuring lots of paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper and oregano. Various other seasonings can be added to taste.

What are voodoo fries?

Our fries are cut fresh from Idaho® potatoes, in every restaurant. Served with cheese sauce, ranch, and our signature Cajun seasoning.

How spicy is mango habanero Wingstop?

On the Wingstop scale, Mango Habanero wings are less spicy than Atomic, but hotter than Cajun wings. The special sauce is only available for a limited time, but Ortiz says you can make it at home. 1) Place all ingredients in a blender are food processor except canola oil and blend well.

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Why is wingstop so expensive?

Chicken wing prices will spike from time to time, given their naturally limited supply and rising demand. For a chain like Wingstop that deals only in wings, such spikes can cause significant problems. The wing prices led to a 680-basis-point increase in food costs at company stores.

Which is better Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings?

In something of an upset match, Wingstop is overwhelmingly preferred by our wing aficionados. Overall, the wings are meaty and the flavors are strong, accurate, and avoid the cloying sweetness or saltiness of BWW. The Wing Bowl must go to Wingstop this season, hands down.

Are Pizza Hut wings good?

Pizza Hut WingStreet Burnin’ Hot Wings

The heat was actually great, but the flavor was awful. … No matter how bad the Pizza Hut wings are though, they aren’t nearly as bad as that time Pizza Hut made a hot dog crust pizza.

Which Wingstop flavor is Buffalo?

Original Hot

Original hot is Wingstop’s mild flavor with the heat dialed up just enough to make it the perfect classic hot wing. It’s got that pungent, buffalo-like taste, and enough spice to make your search for your soda, but not enough to make you want to give up.

How hot is Wingstop Atomic Wings?

Chilihead Scott Roberts (www.scottrobertsweb.com) ranks it at the top of any sauce from a chain restaurant and quoted a Wild Wings representative saying the sauce is “200,000 to 350,000 (Scoville units) depending on the peppers and the season.” But even that paled to Wing Stop’s Atomic strips.

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What does atomic wings taste like?

TASTE: At first, the sauce comes across like a regular wing sauce. It is Sweet and peppery, with a good tang to it. I can distinctly taste habaneros, and at least one other chili pepper flavor hiding out, but I can’t quite place it.

What is the best brand of Cajun seasoning?

Best cajun seasoning – Buying Guide

  • McCormick Culinary Bayou Cajun Seasoning, 21 oz.
  • Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning, 8 oz.
  • Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning 8 Oz (Pack of 2)
  • Slap Ya Mama All Natural Cajun Seasoning from Louisiana, Original Blend, MSG Free and Kosher, 16-Oun…
  • Tony Chachere Seasoning Blends, Variety Pack, 4 Count.

Which is hotter Creole or Cajun?

While spicy dishes are found in both cuisines, every dish isn’t necessarily spicy…it all depends on how much cayenne pepper is used in the recipe. Cajun dishes tend to be a bit hotter than Creole.

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