Minecraft music box recipe

What blocks make what sound Minecraft?

Wood, glass, stone and sand create drum noises, while most other blocks will play a harp/piano sound. If you’re playing the Java edition of the game, or the legacy console version, you get a few more options – gold for bells, ice for chimes, wool for guitar, bone block for xylophone sounds, and clay for flutes.

Why is music disc 11 broken?

Therefore, the music disc is more damaged in the in-game version, because it has more static noise than the outside disc and the item icon shows the disc is nearly destroyed. This only means that the in-game disc was damaged and beaten somehow, and that it used to have the calm piano of the outside disc.

Why can’t I hear the music from the jukebox in Minecraft?

First off, make sure your phone’s media volume, not ringer volume, is turned up. Second, make sure your audio is turned up in Minecraft itself, to do this go to settings, the audio tab, and then turn the music slider up (I would recommend to 100, but anything above 20 should be audible.)

What blocks can you put under note blocks?

The exact sound the note block gives off can be controlled by changing the block directly underneath it. Wood, glass, stone and sand create drum noises, while most other blocks will play a harp/piano sound.

What does a smithing table do in Minecraft?

The smithing table is used to upgrade diamond tools to Netherite tools. Unlike anvils, smithing tables cost no experience when upgrading to netherite. Before the 1.16 update, the Smithing Table had no function other than a villager work block.

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Why do I hear creepy noises in Minecraft?

It is simply meant to be background in the game to put you off your feet. They occur most often in caves, but the game doesn’t actually know if you are in a cave or not. Rather, the game uses light levels to determine when to play some of those sounds. The area checked isn’t always immediately in front of you, either.

What do Enderman say backwards?

It is said that the endermen sounds are distorted phrases (“Hey,” “Hello,” “What’s up?”) in reverse.

Who is entity303?

Hi, Speed. My name is Frankie. I’m a huge fan of Minecraft, and I’ve been playing for about two years now. … He was a bit of a noob at Minecraft, but since he was pretty rich, he decided to buy a private server so we could play multiplayer survival, along with my friends, Vincent and Brady.

Why is there no music in Minecraft Mobile?

Most likely the player is going to inspect the Audio Settings in-game. There is a slider that indicates the music is enabled. No other feedback to the player is provided at this point, that the music can be downloaded. This is often reported as a bug on bugs.mojang.com as “no music” or “jukeboxes don’t play music”.

Do jukeboxes work in Minecraft PE?

MCPE-66988 No music plays at all, not even from the jukebox. MCPE-69342 In minecraft pocket edition juke boxes and music disks don’t work.

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