New orlean praline recipe

What is a praline in New Orleans?

Pralines are sweet confections made primarily out of sugar and nuts. This hard candy is then sometimes ground and used as filling in other candies, but it stands by itself as a delightful treat. In New Orleans, praline is an institution.

How do Southerners say praline?

In the southern regions or anywhere in South Louisiana, Pralines are pronounced Prah-leens or Pecan Candy, and the little nuts that are inside the Prah-leens are called Puh-cahns.

How do you harden pralines?

If the praline mixture begins to harden in the pan, add a teaspoon of hot water at a time and stir to keep the mixture loose enough to scoop and drop. Cool completely until set and the pralines have reached room temperature. Store in an airtight container on the counter for 2 weeks or freeze for up to 2 months.

Who makes the best pralines in New Orleans?

6 Spots for the Perfect Praline in New Orleans

  • Southern Candymakers. Market, Candy Store, American, $$$ …
  • Loretta’s Authentic Pralines. Bakery, Candy Store, American, $$$ …
  • Aunt Sally’s. Candy Store, American, $$$ …
  • Mister Apple Candy Store. Candy Store, American, $$$ …
  • The Praline Connection. Restaurant, Candy Store, American, $$$ …
  • Leah’s Pralines. Candy Store, American, $$$

What candy is New Orleans known for?


What flavor is praline?

Traditionally, a praline is a maple or brown sugar flavored confection made with pecans. Some pralines are simply a nut with a brown sugar coating around them while others, are flat and have a harder more crunchy texture with pecans mixed in.

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What praline means?

a French confection consisting of a caramel-covered almond or, sometimes, a hazelnut. a cookie-size confection made especially of butter, brown sugar, and pecans: developed in New Orleans in the early 19th century. a similar confection of nuts mixed or covered with chocolate, coconut, maple sugar or syrup, etc.

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Why are my pralines runny?

1. When to remove the candy mixture from the heat. … If the mixture gets too hot, the candy will be dry and crumbly. If it isn’t cooked long enough, the mixture will be runny and sticky.

How long does it take for pralines to set?

Allow the pralines to fully crystalize before removing them from the baking sheet. This could be 20 minutes up to 2 hours. It really depends on how long the mixture was cooked. Once set, store the pralines in an airtight container on the counter.

Why are my pralines gritty?

If your sugar begins to crystallize early on, you will have a very brittle and very grainy result. Once sugar has crystallized, you cannot fix it, regardless of what anyone tells you. You can heat it slowly which will dissolve the crystals, but once the sugar cools, it will crystallize again.

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