Ole smoky moonshine recipe

What’s the best thing to mix with moonshine?

Here are the best things to mix with moonshine.

  • Coke. Moonshine is whiskey, so the classic combination of whiskey and Coke works whether that whiskey has spent time in a barrel or not. …
  • Grapefruit Juice. Flavorwise, this is sort of the poor American cousin of the Paloma. …
  • Ginger Ale. …
  • Sweet Vermouth. …
  • Lemonade. …
  • Iced Tea.

What is Ole Smoky Moonshine made of?

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine is a corn whiskey distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Their downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee facility features two working copper stills. Visitors are able to see the distilling process up close while learning about the history of moonshine production in the Smoky Mountains.

Can you order Ole Smoky Moonshine online?

Gatlinburg, TN (July 31, 2015) Ole Smoky® Tennessee Moonshine, the leading distiller of premium moonshine in the U.S., is now available online through ReserveBar.Com, a leading online marketplace for spirits, wine and other beverages.

Is Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine real moonshine?

“Moonshine, by definition, is any high proof spirit that’s illegally distilled,” says Nicole Pearlman of Ole Smoky Distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee — the first legal moonshine distillery in a state known for its history of moonshine production. … It’s just moonshine.”

Can you drink moonshine straight?

How should you drink moonshine? “We always drink it straight from the jar, but encourage you to get creative by mixin’ your own recipe. A Southern classic is our Front Porch Peach Tea, which is 2 parts Ole Smoky Peach Moonshine, 1 part sweet tea and 1 part Lemonade, with peach and mint for garnish.”

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What can I add to moonshine for flavor?

If you want to flavor moonshine that has already been distilled, add sugar to the puree or fruit juice to the preferred sweetness and pour that into the moonshine. This method will reduce the overall alcohol content by diluting it with the flavored liquid.

What percent alcohol is Ole Smoky Moonshine?

40 percent

What does Ole Smoky Moonshine taste like?

The first legal moonshine distillery in Tennessee, Ole Smoky Moonshine grabs you by the mouth with a distinct flavor that’s similar to a whiskey.

Who started Ole Smoky Moonshine?

Tony BreedenCory CottongimJoe Baker

Can you drink 180 proof moonshine?

There isn’t anything inherently dangerous about moonshine — at least no more dangerous than any other alcoholic drink. When made properly, it is simply very strong alcohol with a very hard taste, or “kick,” because it hasn’t been aged. It is usually very potent, as high as 150 proof, which is about 75 percent alcohol.8 мая 2019 г.

Does Walmart sell Ole Smoky Moonshine?

Ole Smokey Ole Smoky Moonshine Pineapple 750ml – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Is Ole Smoky Tennessee Whisky?

Ole Smoky Whiskey will be available throughout Tennessee in four flavors (Straight Tennessee Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, Salty Caramel Whiskey, and Tennessee Mud). … The line up includes Straight Tennessee Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, Salty Caramel, Cinnamon, Pecan, Tennessee Mud, and Cookies & Cream.

Is Everclear and moonshine the same?

Both Everclear and Moonshine are unaged spirits; however, Everclear is made from grain and Moonshine from corn. Everclear is a brand name of a neutral-tasting, very potent grain alcohol. Moonshine is a general term used to describe illegally produced corn whiskey.

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Is Ole Smoky good?

Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine (40 proof $34.95) – A significant drop in proof from the main moonshine makes the apple pie moonshine extremely easy to drink in fairly large quantities. … It’s a nice treat and a good way to experience a softer, sweeter, and more fruity introduction to drinking moonshine.

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