Original german chocolate cake recipe

What is the origin of German chocolate cake?

Соединенные Штаты Америки

How do you make a German chocolate cake from scratch?


  1. 2 cups granulated sugar.
  2. 1-3/4 cups all-purpose flour.
  3. 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder.
  4. 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder.
  5. 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda.
  6. 1 teaspoon salt.
  7. 2 large eggs.
  8. 1 cup buttermilk.

22 мая 2017 г.

What is different about German chocolate cake?

German chocolate cake is made with German sweet chocolate; devil’s food cake is made with unsweetened chocolate. German sweet chocolate is dark baker’s chocolate with sugar added. … Essentially, German chocolate cake is double sweetened through the extra sugar in the chocolate plus the addition of granulated sugar.

What can I substitute for Baker’s German chocolate?

Chocolate, Sweet Baking (German):

3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder, 4 teaspoons sugar, and 1 tablespoon butter, shortening or vegetable oil for every 1-ounce German’s sweet baking chocolate. 1 ounce dark sweet chocolate for every 1 ounce German’s sweet baking chocolate.

What do they call German chocolate cake in Germany?

German chocolate cakeA German chocolate cakeAlternative namesGerman’s chocolate cakeCreated byMrs. George ClayInvented1957Main ingredientsChocolate cake, icing (egg yolks, evaporated milk, coconut and pecan)

Do Germans eat German chocolate cake?

It turns out that the Germans have nothing to do with German chocolate cake. Instead, it’s named after Samuel German, an Englishman known as “Sammy” who had come to Dorchester, Massachusetts, and eventually got a job at the Baker Chocolate Company, the first American chocolate factory.

What is the best German chocolate?

6 German Chocolate Brands to Try While You’re Abroad

  • Ritter Sport. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel. As the quintessential German brand, this chocolate knocks my lederhosen off. …
  • Moser Roth. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel. …
  • Kinder. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel. …
  • Schogetten. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel. …
  • Knoppers. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel. …
  • The “Schokolade” Experience. PIN IT. Mackenzie Patel.
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Why does my German chocolate cake fall apart?

Turning a warm or hot cake out of a baking pan too quickly, will crack and fall apart. … If your cake has cooled in pan and was greased with shortening & flour, this will cause the cake layers to stick in cake pans. If this occurs, simply heat the bottom of cake pan over a low flame on stove until cake releases from pan.

What is German cake called?

Kuchen is the German word for cake, and is used in other languages as the name for several different types of sweet desserts, pastries, and gateaux.

What does German chocolate taste like?

German’s® Sweet Chocolate is a semi sweet baking chocolate that has a mild flavor and is much sweeter than other semi sweet chocolates (it tastes like a candy bar).

What’s the difference between German chocolate and devil’s food cake?

What’s the difference between Devil’s food cake and German Chocolate Cake? … As opposed to the very light chocolate taste of a classic German chocolate cake, devil’s food cake is made with unsweetened chocolate and has a much stronger chocolate flavor due to its higher cacao content.

What’s the difference between devil’s food and regular chocolate cake?

Devil’s food cake is sometimes distinguished from other chocolate cakes by the use of additional baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), which raises the pH level and makes the cake a deeper and darker mahogany color. Devil’s food cake incorporates butter (or a substitute), flour, and less egg than other chocolate cakes.

What can I use instead of chocolate?

5 Healthy Alternatives to Chocolate

  • Cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is a mixture of many substances that are left over after cocoa butter is extracted from cacao beans. …
  • Cacao nibs. Cacao nibs are basically the cocoa beans themselves, which have been roasted, removed from their husks, and broken into small pieces. …
  • Dark Chocolate (at least >70% cacao) …
  • Carob. …
  • Fruit.
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What kind of chocolate is German chocolate?

German Sweet Chocolate

It is sweeter than semi-sweet chocolate and contains a blend of chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, flavorings, and lecithin.

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