Recipe for mulled wine

What is the best wine for mulled wine?

What Type of Wine to Use for Mulled Wine. Since mulling wine disguises a lot of the nuances of taste, don’t pick a delicate flavored wine such as pinot noir or gamay. Instead, go for bigger, bolder, full-bodied red wines such as Syrah and Malbec.

How long can you keep mulled wine?

three days

How do you make Jamie Oliver mulled wine?


  1. 200 g caster sugar.
  2. 6 cloves.
  3. 3 star anise.
  4. 1 cinnamon stick.
  5. 2 bay leaves.
  6. 2 oranges.
  7. 1 lemon.
  8. 2 x 750 ml bottles of red wine.

What does mulled wine taste like?

Mulled wine is almost always sweeter and fruitier in flavor due to both the added sugar and the fruit used to create the drink. Mulled wine is served at a warmer temperature than regular wine and also has a spiced quality that regular wine is missing.

Is Merlot good for mulled wine?

If you are going to make a classic mulled wine, I would recommend something that has relatively high alcohol, lots of fruit, and relatively high tannins. Wines like a California Zinfandel, some Grenache, Merlot, or Touriga Nacional from Dão would be good bets.

Does mulled wine have less alcohol?

Unless you keep it boiling for a while it won’t lose much alcohol content. While pure ethanol does evapoate quickly at a relatively low temperature, the lower the alcohol content gets, the more slowly does more alcohol evaporate at that temperature. Mulled wine will typically have between eight and 13 per cent abv.

How long can you keep mulled wine once opened?

3 to 7 days

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Can you leave mulled wine overnight?

Make All of It Ahead of Time

Just follow the directions for your favorite recipe and let the wine simmer with spices until it’s deeply infused. Then let the mulled wine cool at room temperature, transfer it to an airtight container, and store it in the fridge — it will keep well there for up to three days.

How do you warm up mulled wine?

Pour the mulled wine into a large pre-heated saucepan on a low heat. Stir occasionally for few minutes until warm to the touch. Do not over-heat and never allow the wine to boil. However tempting it may be do not microwave mulled wine as the delicate spices can be over-excited and result in a rough, burnt tasting wine.

What can I add to bottled mulled wine?

Go very easy on the cloves, the rich oil of which overwhelms the flavour of many mulls. Start off with just two or three cloves to a bottle of wine; you can always increase the quantity down the line after tasting. Thick juicy citrus slices, especially orange, are the best fruit to add to mulled wine.

Can you drink mulled wine cold?

Serve chilled or over ice, with a twist of orange zest and a star anise. If you’d like to serve a traditional warm mulled wine, there’s no need to chill – simply warm through without boiling and serve in heatproof glasses.

Is Mulled wine good for you?

The cinnamon in mulled wine has been shown to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, reducing swelling and restoring normal tissue function. This may help conditions like arthritis. The antioxidants in red wine and in cloves can also help reduce inflammation.

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Is Mulled wine the same as Gluhwein?

Mulled wine is hot spiced wine. Gluhwein is a German term for exactly the same.

When should I drink mulled wine?

Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is a beverage usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm and is alcoholic, although there are non-alcoholic versions of it. It is a traditional drink during winter, especially around Christmas.

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