Red candy apple recipe

How do you harden candy apples?

Don’t let the candy-making process scare you. Really, you’re just going to mix together a few ingredients and then put them over high heat on the stove until they reach the right temperature. Stay close but there’s no need to even stir. Then dip your apples in and set them down to dry.

Can you use red apples for candy apples?

If you prefer to use red candy apples for that gorgeous red crimson sheen underneath the candy coating, you can’t go wrong with Fuji apples, which are also suitably firm and tart. To capture that unparalleled crunch factor, Jazz apples are perfect for biting into. For a sweeter taste rather than tart, try Gala apples.

What are candy apples coated with?

Candy apples are made by coating an apple with a layer of sugar that has been heated to hard crack stage. The most common sugar coating is made from sugar (white or brown), corn syrup, water, cinnamon and red food coloring. Humid weather can prevent the sugar from hardening.

How long does candy apples last?

two weeks

Why are my candy apples so sticky?

Humidity and heat will cause the candy coating to grow sticky. Candied apples are the perfect fall treat.

Why is my hard candy so sticky?

Why is my hard candy soft and sticky? The simple answer is that there is too much moisture in your candy. … In hard candy making, it is important to cook all the water out of the sugar/corn syrup/water mixture.

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How far in advance can I make candy apples?

If there is a gap, you can keep the apple about three days in the refrigerator; if you seal around the stick’s entry point with candy, caramel or chocolate, you can keep the apple about two weeks if you prevent as much oxygen from getting to it as you can.

Are candy apples hard to eat?

The candy apple is a one-note, difficult to eat piece of fruit with a too-hard, artificially colored sugar coating. Sometimes there is cinnamon involved, but that doesn’t really help. Candy apples are annoying to make, hard to eat, and just not worth the trouble.

What apples are best for dipping?

Gygi, we believe the best apples for dipping are Granny Smith apples. The tartness of Granny Smith apples goes perfect with the sweetness of Peter’s Caramel and whatever toppings you choose to add.

How do you make candy without a thermometer?

Skill level. To check your sugar syrup has reached the correct stage without using a sugar thermometer, place a bowl of very cold water next to the hob. Using a clean spoon, carefully take a little of the syrup and drop it into the bowl of cold water.

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