Traeger pulled pork injection recipe

Should I inject my pulled pork?

You do not need to inject to get moist and tender pulled pork. But you can enhance the flavor with an injection. If you plan to pull it and/or chop it prior to serving, you can simply “baste” the pulled/chopped meat with the solution prior to serving.

Should you inject a pork shoulder before smoking?

If you’re planning to grill or smoke a pork butt or shoulder, an injection will ensure you end up with flavorful and moist meat. … For ultimate flavor, use the same spice rub in the marinade as you use on the outside of the pork.

Should I wrap my pulled pork in foil?

When using a thermometer, be sure not to hit the blade bone or you’ll get a false reading. Wrap in foil: At the 5-hour mark the internal temp should be in the 160 range. Wrap in aluminum foil to keep the meat from getting too much smoke and to catch the moisture being released during the cooking process.

How long does it take to smoke a pork shoulder at 225?

I shoot to maintain my smoker temperature at 225 degrees F and can typically plan about 2 hours of cook time per pound of pork. For example, an 8 pound pork shoulder will take about 16 hours from start to finish.

Should I inject a Boston butt?

One easy way to help your meat stay moist while it’s smoking is to inject it with a special seasoning liquid. Injecting pork butt up with a liquid both keeps it from drying out while introducing even more flavor to the finished food, making it a win-win no matter what you cook.

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Should I inject pork shoulder the night before?

I’ll inject & lightly rub the night before around 11 pm or midnight, wrap in saran wrap or put in a zip lock bag and into the fridge. Around 7 or 8 am give another light rub & put on the smoker.

How do you infuse meat with flavor?

To get the meat laced with flavors, people just shred the meat and mix with flavorings. Depending on the kind of meat, you can use an injector. When I roast chickens, I infuse butter with herbs and peppers for a few hours, then inject it directly into the thickest parts of the bird before roasting.

Do you flip a Boston butt when smoking?

Every time you flip your pork butt over, you are going to lose some of that rendered down fat that has been basting the meat. Also, by continually opening and closing your smoker, heat is going to escape and will need to recover once you close the lid, ultimately adding to the overall cook time.

Is injecting meat worth it?

There are a few reasons why injecting can be preferable to either, especially when it comes to marinating. This is because injecting the juices into the cut will mean that the flavor will be spread across more of the meat. In contrast, marinating it will only do so for an inch or so on the outside of the beef or pork.

What temp do you cook pulled pork to?


Can you overcook pulled pork?

The pork is done cooking when the meat falls away easily with a fork. It’s pretty hard to overcook a pork shoulder when using this method – at least, as long as the moisture is maintained – but once the meat starts to become tender, keep an eye on it, as the texture can become mushy if it cooks too long.

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What temperature do you wrap pulled pork?

Crutch brisket and pork shoulder when the stall starts or when it hits about 150°F or 160°F and has a dark ruddy color, and leave it in foil until it hits 203°F. No peeking. The moment you open the foil it will start cooling rapidly.

How long does it take to cook a 20 pound pork shoulder?

Preheat the oven to 350 and cook roast for 2 hours at 350 and 3 and 1/2 hours at 325 degrees F. Roast the pork for 35 minutes per pound, uncovered, until the skin is crispy-brown.

How long should Pulled pork rest?

Give it a rest: As with all grilled or roasted meats, you should let a cooked pork shoulder rest before chopping or serving it. This “relaxes” the meat, making it juicier and more flavorful. Let it rest on a cutting board for 15 to 20 minutes loosely tented with foil.

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