Slime recipe without borax or liquid starch

What can I use instead of liquid starch for slime?


  • We understand many parents are uncomfortable using liquid starch to create slime and prefer chemical free ingredients. …
  • Saline Slime.
  • 1/2 cup Elmer’s washable clear glue.
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda.
  • buffered saline solution- this can be found in the pharmacy at the eye care aisle.
  • food coloring-optional.

Is Borax the same as liquid starch?

However, upon close inspection, I discovered that the active ingredient in liquid starch is the same active ingredient in powdered Borax: sodium tetraborate. Slime made with eyewash or contact lens solution. … Borax and boric acid are not the same, but they are from the same boron family.

What is a good substitute for borax when making slime?

boric acid

How do you make slime with 3 ingredients?


  1. (4-ounce) bottles washable school glue, such as Elmer’s (see note for variations)
  2. 1 to 2 drops. liquid food coloring (optional)
  3. glitter (optional)
  4. baking soda.
  5. 2 to 3 tablespoons. saline solution (i.e., contact lens solution), divided.

How do you make fluffy slime 3 ingredients?

Fluffy slime ingredients

  1. 1 (4-ounce) bottle Elmer’s white school glue.
  2. 2 Tablespoons contact saline solution (or liquid laundry detergent)
  3. 1 – 2 cups shaving cream.
  4. Food coloring, optional.

What can I use as slime activator?

  • BORAX POWDER. Borax powder is the most widely known of the slime activators and contains borax or sodium tetraborate. …
  • SALINE SOLUTION. This is our number one favorite on the slime activator list because it makes an awesome stretchy slime. …

Is baking soda a slime activator?

A simple and effective baking soda slime activator you can make is four pinches (about 1/2 tsp.) of pure baking soda and 3 tablespoons of multi-purpose contact lens solution. This amount is just right to mix with a 4-6-ounce bottle of glue. In addition, baking soda can help rescue slime that has gone wrong.

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Can you touch Borax?

Borax isn’t meant to be kneaded, touched and held constantly. 20 Mule Team Borax, a popular brand marketed as a laundry booster, even warns against the potential dangers itself. “Repeated or prolonged excessive exposure with skin can result in irritation,” the safety information states.

Where can I buy liquid starch?

Purex Sta Flo Liquid Starch, Great for Crafts, Concentrated, 64 Ounce – –

What is liquid starch used for?

Sta-Flo liquid laundry starch is a long-time laundry product used to provide body and stiffness to natural fibers after washing. Sta-Flo is offered in a one-gallon or 64-ounce bottle in a concentrated form. It should be mixed with water and can then be used in a spray bottle.

Is borax and baking soda the same?

Both borax and baking soda are common names of two different chemical compounds. The difference between borax and baking soda is that the borax is a sodium borate that appears as a white solid whereas the baking soda is a sodium bicarbonate that appears as white crystals.

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